Sharing Buttons Shortcodes


Displays all buttons by default and have the following attributes:

  • networks="total, facebook, facebook_native, twitter, google, google_native, pinterest, linkedin, stumble, delicious, reddit, buffer, vkontakte, vkontakte_native, mail, whatsapp, comments, love, pocket, tumblr, print, flipboard, ok, weibo, managewp, xing"
  • url=""
  • custom_class=""
  • align="center"//center, left, right
  • count="true"
  • share_text="String"
  • skin="default"//default, simple, minimal, modern, round

So to display the total count, the Facebook button, the Twitter button and the Mail button with the custom url “” and a custom class we add the following shortcode: [ultimatesocial networks="total,facebook,twitter,mail" url=""<br>custom_class="my-ultimatesocial-class"]