We made the plugin translateable and all text strings are stored in a .po file ready for you to translate.

Basically you can translate this .po file with a text editor. However the esiest way is to use the free tool called Poedit. We are going to walk you trough the process step by step:

  1. Install Poedit.
  2. Open Poedit and go to File > New from PO/POT fileā€¦
  3. Select the .po file in /ultimate-social-deux/languages/ultimate-social-deux.po
  4. A catalog properties box will pop up asking for information about what you are translating. Enter the language you want to translate here along with any other details.
  5. Start translating into your language.
  6. When done. Save the .po as wp-content/languages/ultimate-social-deux/ultimate-social-deux-da_DK.po with your language code in the very end.
  7. If your would like us to add your translation to the plugin for others to use please send us the .po and .mo files on [email protected] along with your name and website url which we will link to from our CodeCanyon page. Thanks!